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Quality Modern Gas Log Alternatives

Traditional and contemporary gas log alternatives offer modern fireplace solutions for enhancing home aesthetics and convenience. When you want the warmth and ambience of a glowing fire without smoke, dangerous chemicals, and a frustrating experience lighting a fire, you can turn to modern gas log alternatives. At The Fire Place of Palm Desert, we carry a wide range of quality, durable gas log fireplace brands that are known for their performance and endurance. If you want to create an elegant showpiece for your home that will invite conversation and socialization, consider our modern gas log alternatives in Palm Desert, CA. Call us today or come by our showroom to see our options for gas log fireplaces.

Fire Glass

Fire Glass is made from tempered glass and manufactured to withstand harsh weather and extreme temperatures without sustaining any damage or discoloration. It also does not emit any harmful chemicals, smoke, soot, or ash.

Fire Glass, also commonly known as fireplace glass or fire pit glass, can be used in fireplaces & fire pits both indoor & outdoor, in landscaping, aquariums, & even in art projects! The maintenance is also little-to-none with just a simple rinse of a 50:50 water/vinegar mix.

Fire Glass is not just beautiful to look at, it’s also extremely practical. Use Fire Glass to cover the entire floor of the fire feature to hide any unseemly pies or tubes that are often visible in gas fireplaces & firepits. We recommend to completely cover your burner and then add about 1-2 inches of fire glass on top of that.


For use in fully vented fireplaces
The Modern Alternative to a log fire

FireBalls™ are those with contemporary decor, for those with a modern flair, for those yearning for an alternative to the ubiquitous gas log and for those who just want something different.
FireBalls are made from the same high-heat resistant ceramic-bonded refractory material we use in the making of our gas logs. 
Standard sets are available in the below sizes.
Please contact us with your fireplace dimensions and set composition desires if you do not see anything to your liking from our offering.
FireBalls sets are available in Natural Color (tannish gray, the base material color) and six ceramic stain colors made from Rasmussen’s proprietary formulation, including Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Beige, Brown and Adobe Red.  We recommend darker colors (Black, Dark Gray, & Brown) as pan and firepit burners will create soot from the natural, luminous yellow flame. The black soot is more noticeable against the lighter colors (Natural, Adobe Red, Beige, & Light Gray); with the darker colors there is less contrast, so the soot is not as pronounced. FireBalls cannot be recolored.

High-Heat Resistant Ceramic-Bonded Fireballs of Palm Desert

Gas Logs

  • Hargrove – Hargrove is one of our most popular log set manufacturing partners. Over the years, this company has worked tirelessly to produce an inventory of modern gas logs and pebbles that perfectly complement your fire and your home.
  • RH Peterson – RH Peterson is a world-renowned producer of high-quality gas log sets. Nothing is more important than authenticity, and that begins inside your firebox. Choosing the right log set is as important as selecting a fireplace that suits your purposes.
  • Rasmussen –In Rasmussen, we have found the perfect complement to our brand. Rasmussen's line of realistic-looking and enduring gas logs set them apart from the competition.

Fire Stones

Creekstone Greige 20 lbs. (approx. 140 pcs.)

Creekstone Cloud 20lbs. (Approx. 140 pcs.)
Creekstones Mixed 20 lbs. (Approx. 140 pcs.)
Creekstones Black 20 lbs. (Approx. 140 pcs.)

Contemporary Gas Log Alternatives

  • Stone – Replace your traditional fireplace logs with stones to create a tropical feel. Stone complements minimalist design and creates an uncluttered and serene space. Stone is best paired with gas appliances. We can help you choose from a variety of colors or driftwood.
  • Fireballs – Add attention-grabbing fire stones to your gas log fireplace! We offer high-quality fireballs, fire stones, and more. You can make your fireplace come to life with stones that add a classy, sophisticated look while delivering considerable warmth. Our team will help you explore your options and make the right choice for your home.
  • Glass – Tempered glass provides a modern and artistic aesthetic to contemporary gas log alternatives. Choosing glass for your fireplace offers variety and customization options that complement your lifestyle and home decor. Flame-resistant glass nuggets are used, sparkling and shining while emitting colorful light and can be used in traditional gas and gas fireplace inserts. Even electric fireplace owners have taken to glass flames. We can help you choose your preferred color, size, and shape. Options include crushed fire glass, fire beads, and fire gems.
  • Fireglass Crystals – Durable, beautiful fiberglass crystals offer a thoroughly modern gas log alternative. Fireglass crystals are available in an extensive array of shapes, colors, and textures. You’ll love the creative control of choosing how your fireplace appears when lit.

Durable, Beautiful Fireglass

Advantages of Contemporary Gas Log Alternatives & Traditional Gas Logs

Contemporary and traditional gas log fireplaces are a beautiful alternative to wood-burning fireplaces. Both contemporary gas log alternatives and traditional gas logs offer ambience, comfort, and an inviting glow that will quickly become the centerpiece of your home or outdoor living space. However, they don’t require the same care, commitment, and maintenance as traditional fireplaces. Gas log fireplaces are easier and safer to manage. They don’t invite toxic smoke and chemicals into your home, and you won’t need to commit to carefully building and lighting a fire, cleaning out fireplace ash, maintaining a flue, or buying expensive wood.

Modern gas log alternatives look just like natural wood, but don’t cause messes or require upkeep. You can enjoy the benefits of a traditional fireplace without increasing your carbon footprint. Contemporary gas log alternatives create a central gathering place in your yard or on your deck, inviting conversation and socialization. You’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors year-round, as well as increase the value and comfort of your outdoor living space.

Modern Fire Pit by The Fire Place of Palm Desert

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