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Dramatically Enhance Your Home Life With a New Fireplace

Electric fireplaces present a world of possibilities to homeowners. They are efficient yet powerful, and they provide superior warmth – no matter their size. At The Fire Place, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality brands and models. These electric fireplaces epitomize contemporary design in every sense, making them an ideal fit for your home.

Modern Sensibilities; Powerful Performance

Versatility is crucial. So is variety. Fortunately, when you work with The Fire Place, you get a healthy dose of both. Our company strives to provide fireplaces to our customers that serve their needs. From wall-hanging hearths to three-corner fireplaces, we’ve got you covered.

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IgniteXL® Series
IgniteXL® stands apart as more lifelike and visually stunning than any other electric fireplace. With new, patented flame technology, IgniteXL® captures the charm and ambiance of a real fire. Edge-to-edge glass offers a flawless panoramic view of the dazzling flames from any angle. At only 5.5 inches deep, and with no chimney or gas line required, IgniteXL® is ideal for home or high rise installations.
Dimplex Ignitexl by The Fire Place of Palm Desert
Sym74 Bespoke Room by The Fire Place of Palm Desert
Bold Series
Designed to impress, the IgniteXL® Bold Linear Electric Fireplace features flexible and industry unique display options including front-facing, right or left corner and bay installations. This modern, built-in fireplace comes with a patented mirror effect that increases depth, plus advanced controls to maximize customization and enjoyment. Get creative and connect multiple units together for a dramatic statement. Think big, think bold!
SYM-60 Bespoke Electric Fireplace
SYM74 Bespoke Room
Electric Fireplaces by

Modern Flames

Experience the innovative Orion virtual fireplace that utilizes the most optimized technology, creating the most life like-fire in an electric fireplace.


Netzero Holographic

The NetZero E-one: a contemporary electric fireplace with an ultra-realistic fire. You have to see it to believe it!

Electric Fireplace E One in Palm Desert