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Take Care of Your Fireplace With a Quality Toolset

At The Fire Place of Palm Desert, we understand how important quality is to our valued customers. Once you have invested considerable funds in a fireplace, you’ll need to outfit yourself with the tools you need to keep your hearth clean and your fire roaring. The Fire Place of Palm Desert offers high-quality, long-lasting fireplace tools. Unlike other retailers, we do not sell fireplace toolsets that will fall apart and degrade over time.

Custom Elegant

Never underestimate the power of an aesthetically-pleasing toolset. While the most important feature of a fireplace toolset is its ability to stoke the fire and clean ashes, you also want it to enhance the appearance of your fireplace. Our custom elegant collection will do so.
silver toolset with brush
chiseled toolset trio
silver toolset trio
toolset trio
gold toolset
silver toolset trio
gold ornate toolset


Custom Production

Making a statement can start with the simplest of things. Choosing a toolset for your fireplace can speak volumes about who you are and what kind of décor you appreciate. Fortunately, The Fire Place of Palm Desert has a range of toolsets in numerous price ranges, making us the go-to source for everything fireplace-related.
toolset with brush
two piece toolset
Stainless toolset
3 toolsets
traditional fireplace toolset
iron toolset
Wall Hanging toolset



Our production line includes a vast array of products for numerous budgets. We want our customers to have an effective, high-quality toolset to keep their fires roaring and hearths clean and free of ash. That's why we work with notable manufacturers to provide only the best. View our products and contact us today.
4 Piece Black Finish with Ball Handles
5 Piece Antique Copper Finish Fireset with Ring, Twist Handles
5 Piece Antique Rust Finish Wrought Iron Toolset with Ring, Twist Handles
5 Piece Black Finish Fireset with Ball Handles larger
5 Piece Black Ornate Fireset with Horseshoe Handles
5 Piece Black Wrought Iron Fireset with Ball Handles

Fireplace Tools

Fireplace tools are vital accessories that not only help you keep your fire going, but also provide a decorative element to your fireplace. The Fire Place of Palm Desert has a wide variety of high-quality tools to choose from. Our selection of fireplace tools includes:

  • Fireplace pokers
  • Fireplace brooms
  • Fireplace spades
  • Fireplace shovels

The Purpose of Fireplace Tools

Fireplace tools serve two primary functions. The first is controlling your fire. Fires that are too small can be made bigger, and fires that are too big can be made smaller with the help of the right tools. They help prevent a fire from going out, and from going out of control.

The second function is decorative. Well-made fireplace tools are beautiful and can enhance fireplace. Even gas and electric fireplaces can benefit from the decorative charm of nearby fireplace tools.

How to Choose Fireplace Tools

The primary consideration in choosing fireplace tools are your needs. If you have a gas or electric stove, you will want an attractive stand for the tools.

Tools that you will need if you have a wood burning fireplace include tongs or a poker so you can move the logs around as needed to promote airflow and a better burn, a shovel so you can control the ash layer, and a brush for cleaning the fireplace.

The Fire Place of Palm Desert is here to help you pick the right tools for your fireplace. If you don't know where to start, contact us today and we can help!

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You need the right tools to keep your fireplace burning bright. Fortunately, The Fire Place of Palm Desert has a large inventory of fireplace tools to choose from to meet this need. Whether you are looking for tools for decoration, function, or both, we have high-quality tools that can enhance your fireplace. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you, and for your fireplace.