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High-Quality Traditional Gas Logs to Stone Pebbles for Palm Desert, CA

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Add an Understated, Yet Beautiful Component to Your Fire

Now that you have invested in a premium gas fireplace, the time has come to select a gas log set. Which one you choose will have a notable impact on how your fire looks when you light it. So you want to choose carefully. Fortunately, you will have no shortage of options to choose from. We have what you need at The Fire Place, from traditional logs to stone pebbles. We are proud of our reputation for excellence, and we cannot wait to help you enhance the quality of your fireplace.
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Hargrove is one of our most popular log set manufacturing partners. Over the years, this company has worked tirelessly to produce an inventory of gas logs and pebbles that perfectly complement your fire and your home. While our inventory is extensive, you can view a few of our options below.
Aspen Timbers gas logs
Blazing Pecan gas logs
Driftwood Gas Logs
Grand Oak gas logs
Kiva Set gas logs
Kodiak Split Triple Stack Gas Logs
Woodland Timbers gas logs
Mountain Timber gas logs

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The Fire Place of Palm Desert is dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality brands and top-flight log sets. We never veer from that commitment. In Rasmussen, we have found the perfect complement to our brand. Rasmussen's line of realistic-looking and enduring gas log sets set it apart from the competition. Browse just a few of what we have to offer below.

Bonfire Gas Logs
Crossfire Gas Logs
Evening Campfire Gas Logs
Evening Crossfire gas logs
Evening Desire Gas Logs
Evening Prestige Gas Logs
Frosted Oak gas logs
Woodland Timbers Gas Logs
White Birch Gas Logs

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RH Peterson

RH Peterson is a world-renowned producer of high-quality gas log sets. Nothing is more important than authenticity, and that always begins inside your firebox. Choosing the right log set is as important as selecting a fireplace that suits your purposes. Fortunately, The Fire Place has you covered.
American Oak gas logs
Charred Mountain Birch gas logs
Charred Rugged Split Oak gas logs
Gnarled Split Oak gas logs
Mountain Birch gas logs
Woodstack Gas Log