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Are you ready to discover the joys of owning an electric fireplace? The Fire Place carries the best selection of electric fireplaces in Palm Desert, CA. We’re the place to go if you’ve been wanting an outdoor electric fireplace, traditional electric fireplace, or contemporary electric fireplace. We also carry electric fireplace logs and all the accessories you might need. An electric fireplace can warm up your home without the need for gas lines, screens, venting, and more. Electric fireplaces can be used in your living room, bedroom, home office, and more. Learn more about why you should add an electric fireplace to your home and the brands and types of fireplaces we carry. Make plans to visit our showroom and take home a new electric fireplace today.

Timeless, Elegant, and Top-Flight

Why Buy an Electric Fireplace?

Why Buy an Electric Fireplace?

If you’re considering adding a fireplace to your home in Palm Desert, you’ll need to determine if you prefer a traditional fireplace or an electric fireplace. There are many benefits of adding a timeless, elegant, and top-flight fireplace. Electric fireplaces offer numerous advantages to homeowners who choose to install them in their homes. Because they run exclusively on electric power, there is less upkeep and inconvenience associated with them. Unlike gas-powered fireplaces, you will not have to swap out propane tanks and ensure you always have a backup supply. Instead, your fireplace is always available to you. Plus, investing in an electric model means your fireplace will be energy-efficient and consume less power than other models. Learn more about some of the reasons to get an electric fireplace:

  • Simple Installation – Setting up your electric fireplace is usually as easy as plugging it in. You can install your electric fireplace anywhere in your home where an outlet is available.
  • Affordable – There are electric fireplaces for every budget, from inexpensive stand-alone stoves to elaborate full mantelpieces. You don’t have to worry about paying for installation because there’s no need for ventilation.
  • Portable – It’s easy to move your electric fireplace to another room or take it with you when you move to a new home.
  • Supplemental Heat – Electric fireplaces are not designed to be your home’s main heating source, but they will warm up the room in which you place them. Many electric fireplaces offer the ability to turn off the heating element so you can take advantage of the aesthetics without the heat.
  • Maintenance-Free – The only thing you’ll have to do to take care of your electric fireplace is to change the light bulb every few years. You won’t need to sweep the chimney, lug around firewood, or clean the hearth.
  • Extra Safe – Your electric fireplace will not emit any harmful toxic smoke or fumes. Family members with asthma or respiratory conditions won’t have to worry about the byproducts of your fireplace. No open flames mean you won’t have to be concerned about house fires.
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Durability, Efficiency, and Performance

We Offer the Best Electric Fireplace Brands

At The Fire Place of Palm Desert, we specialize in helping our customers find a fireplace that will transform their home into something else entirely. We have an eclectic inventory, complete with trustworthy brands that design gorgeous and effective electric fireplaces. Throughout Palm Desert, CA, we have satisfied customers who came to us searching for something that would provide superior warmth throughout their homes. And with our stable of products, that is precisely what you get.  Choose from traditional fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces, and contemporary fireplaces. When you visit our fireplace showroom in Palm Desert, you will never lack options and high-quality products. We have our choice of manufacturers, but we only work with the best of the bunch, ensuring that our customers are satisfied. Our partners include European Home, Austria, and TFP. No matter which fireplace you choose, you can be confident it will be one you can enjoy for a lifetime.
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If you’re searching for “fireplace electric,” we’re glad you’ve found us. The Fire Place of Palm Desert offers the best selection and customer service in California. We also offer gas fireplaces, traditional gas logs, and so much more. Contact us today to learn more and make plans to visit our showroom.